Bristol Aikido Course June 14


A sunny weekend greeted us all on Saturday 7th of June as the faithful congregated in Sunny Bristol, to practise the ancient oriental art of ‘melding with the mat’, otherwise known as the I.B.C Summer Course.The weekend started with sadness due to the absence of René Hauzeur sensei, medical issues having kept him from us, which in turn lead to the cancellation of the morning Judo session. He was sadly missed by all throughout the weekend. We all hope things resolve quickly and satisfactorily René and send our best wishes for your swift recovery.

On a more positive side it was lovely to be able to greet Roger Hannoset sensei (Pierre’s original teacher) again. it is always a privilege to be on the mat with him and to be given the opportunity to benefit from his huge experience and knowledge,  I never leave without reflecting on his observations. He shows clean straightforward Aikido encompassing a wealth of subtle details.Proceedings opened with Presentation of certificates to Laura Watson (1st Kyu), Chris Nicholson (2nd kyu), Ross Owens (2nd kyu) and Tom Frost (3rd kyu junior).

The mat had a good turnout on both days, representation from around the country including ‘The Hut’ in the form of James Collins (1d), Bob Sherrington sensei’s ‘Kettering Krew’, Bradley Smith sensei’s  ‘Kyu Shin Kan band from London,  Kerry Holmes as usual trundled down from distant Yorkshire and we had a local kyushindo ryuha judo man who looked thoroughly confused at every turn and yet enjoyed himself enormously.For me it was especially satisfying to be joined by students from my own club, the Sho Shin Kan dojo of West Huntspill, some of whom had not seen Citti sensei before and subsequently joined the I.B.C,  over the weekend their grades were ratified by Citti sensei. (Well done Matthew Brock (4th kyu), James King Nickol (5th kyu) and Tim Atkins (4th Kyu)

From the video I recorded on the day, I have attempted to construct a list of techniques for each day (Though sunday is missing a few). I offer their inclusion here is in the hope it will be useful as an aide memoire and of course, to make those who were not present even more jealous and determined to be at the next course!.

(Format : day – seq – sensei – form of attack – technique)

sat 01 – PC – First form flowing yet very direct Sumiotoshi.

sat 02 – RH – 1st –  Nikyo from static, focusing on a controlled seamless transition to final pin either directly (preferred) or passing through ikkyo pin.
sat 03 – PC – 2nd – Sankyo from static with observations about correct body positioning.
sat 04 – RH – 1st –  A very direct irimi Yonkyo.
sat 05 – PC – 7th – Locked out kotegaeshi, leading the finger over in a large vertical arc.
sat 06 – RH – 3rd – No strike leading into a Soft Elbow wrap.
sat 07 – RH – 3rd – Soft Elbow wrap cont.
sat 08 – PC – 3rd – Double Elbow wrap paying attention to the back foot crossover.
sat 09 – RH – 3rd – Shionage driving th head under their arms …. umm at 6’4 not my most successful technique of the day!
sat 10 – PC – 2nd – Passover Elbow lock & projection
sat 11 – RH – 5th –  Iriminage with no step at the end to focus on centre and stability..
sat 12 – PC – 2nd – Ying n Yang Sokomen variations.
The sunday focussed on weapons work, the infamous five elements putting in its appearance, finishing with a an hour of Jodo courtesy of hannoset sensei.
sun 01 – PC – Boken 5th –  Omote sankyo n Shionage
sun 02 – PC – Boken vs Boken – Tai Sabaki and slice
sun 03 – PC - Boken vs Boken- Underarm projection with blade
sun 04 – PC – Boken  Dori - Tai Sabaki till back to back => elbow atemi to head to take Kuzushi => drive through with their blade cutting them vertically from groin.
sun 06 – PC – Jo – Five Elements Kata
sun 07 – RH – 3rd – Back to back, “the take them to the bathroom” walk.
sun 08 – RH - Two persons  holding both wrists – Kotegaeshi/Nikyo,  pile them high!
Sun 09 – RH – Two persons holding both wrists – Double Nikyo.
sun 10 – PC – Jo v Jo – Entanglement projection
sun 11 – RH – 3rd – Underarm sankyo takedown

sun 12 – RH – Seitei Jodo basics and a quick examination of a seitei Kata. (apologies I didn’t catch the name.)Good things however come to a end and we departed amidst a biblical deluge that was quite unable to spoil a fantastic weekend had by all,  Very well done to all involved in its arrangement and organisation.

Especially of course further  thanks must go to Glenda Chapman  for hosting such a successful course in general and the Belgium contingent in particular, also  to Lisa Chapman  and Amy Tabrett for supporting/feeding/entertaining us so well on the Saturday night. Kudos should certainly also be extended to Matthew Brock for last moment emergency transport for the mats, not a trivial matter as severely delayed the poor mans ‘Après-splat‘ beer!
It is good that so many travel so far, a sign of a very healthy attitude in the organisation, Perhaps you will indulge a special mention and offer commiserations to poor Kerry whose train journey home took 12 hours!! 18 hours of total traveling for 8 hours on the mat,  dedication indeed.
As a further aside, Glenda has confirmed that the Halloween course in Brussels will be taking place on the weekend of the 24th/25th/26th October.  I look forward to seeing you all thereJohn Creed.
Sho Shin Kan Dojo of Traditional Aikido, West Huntspill