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Sensei Daniel Vander Linden



It is with great sadness that I have to advise on the passing of Sensei Daniel Vander Linden (7th Dan Karate).

He was an exceptional Martial Artist, and a great inspiration to all.
He will be sadly missed by all those that knew him. Our condolences go out to his family.

Sensei Vander Linden is seen here in his black Gi and Hakama.

Shortly before his passing Sensei Vander Linden wrote a short biography, which was forwarded to us by Mr Paul Denis.

Translated copy of Sensei testament biographie 26 11 2014
Sensei testament biographie 26 11 2014


Help for heroes 10K run

A big well done goes out to Sensei Gary Marcham, who today ran in the london 10K run in aid of Help for Heroes.

Last year Gary suffered a hear attack, and part of his rehabilitation was to start jogging to improve his fitness and loose weight. As he started he set a goal to run in the London 10K, in aid of Help for Heroes. Gary has made tremendous progress, and I understand that his training crew (the current Mrs M, and his children), have inspired and encouraged him all the way.

Its not too late to make a contribution, just click on the link and don’t forget to gift aid.

Gary’s not stopping there, as he has already entered himself for the Reading half marathon next year.

Good one Gary, keep up all the hard work.